XBoard is a jet-powered surfboard that redefines extreme water-sports with jet surfing, delivering riders of all skill levels the exhilarating experience of surfing anywhere, anytime.

XBoard is a revolutionary watercraft that combines innovative hull design and a powerful EPA conforming rotary engine. The result is a powerful "got to have it" thrill for water sports enthusiasts and adrenalin-craving stunt riders.

XBoard propels extreme water sports into a whole new dimension. Its breakthrough engineering makes jet surfing the ultimate experience in water sports.


XBoard Product Description Specifications

Length: 90"
Width: 28"
Tail Width: 24"
Weight: 135lbs
Engine: 39.5 HP Rotary engine
Max Speed: 50mph
Control handle: electric start, kill switch, throttle control
Fuel Capacity: 2 gallons
Run Time: 2hrs per tank of gas

Features at a Glance

  Feature Advantage Benefit
Engine 39.5 HP engine
5 Yr Limited Warranty
Rotary type 400cc design


More power
Better performance
Fewer moving parts
Lower overal weight
Greater speed
Cost savings
Longer wear
Easy to carry and transport
Hull Parabolic Design
Non-skid deck
Watertight hatch
Less drag on water
Firm grip
Less water in engine
Smooth turns
Lean into turns
Reduced parts corrosion
Parabolic hull design offers greater stability when carving turns at slower speeds. There's no need for skegs protruding up to 18" below the board, making XBoard safer and reducing maintenance requirements.


Control Handle Soft/Flexible handle leash
Electric start
Kill switch
Throttle control
Fingertip trim control

Handle-to-jet maneuverablity


Light weight
Shuts off engine
Finger trigger
Improves stability in all water conditions
Better feel makes handling easier
Easy to handle
No key required
Stops after dismount
Consistent control
Enhances ride and extreme performance
Enables carving at high and low speeds
The well-designed, flexible XBoard hand control gives riders complete freedom and superior handling for both recreational and extreme jet surfing.