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Surfjet personal watercrafts is something the whole family will enjoy.  Surfen' inches above your favorite waters. The Surfjet combines the thrills of waterskiing, windsurfing, speedboating and of course, SURFIN' all into one!

Surfjetin' is surprisingly easy. The Malibu and Pacifica models are great for beginners and the Freestyle is for the H2O hotshots. They are all designed to be stable - even when you're just catchin' rays. When you start jettin', you'll progress from laying down to sitting or kneeling to . . . WALKIN' ON WATER! Simply lean in the direction you want to go and you're carving corners. GETTIN' WET WAS NEVER THIS MUCH FUN!

Surfjettin's easy when the fun is done and when the sun goes down, the Surfjet pops on the top of your car - no trailer needed. And when you're back at the ranch, stash your Surfjet in a corner - it takes up less room than your bike!

Surfjet's exclusive SUBARU marine twin cylinder engine is a water-cooled 255 cc powerhouse. Reed valve intake, CDI ignition, stainless steel fasteners, sacrificial zinc anode and ignition safety stop system are just a few of the many quality features that make your Surfjet Safari trouble free.

Hydroforce Jet Pump
Surfjet's patented centrifugal pump is lightweight, compact and efficient. It's integral noise reduction design actually increases power while reducing sound levels.  The fiber-reinforced ZYTEL impeller saves reciprocating mass that translates to increases response.

Remember, Surfjet personal watercraft are "Class A" inboard boats and their use is subject to all applicable state and local boating laws. Always wear a USCG - approved personal flotation device when riding the Surfjet.