Meet the Deckjet Watercraft team



John Kuban Jr.
The Guru. Founder of DeckJet Watercraft. Has 25 years in the pwc & boating market. John does all of the product design, testing, sales, and service of our personal watercrafts. "If he can't ride it, no one can!" John was also the founder of On Deck Watercrafts and has now formed Deckjet Watercraft.

Greg Sampson
Shop Bulldog. A great motivator. Greg directs a lot of the video and demos, promotional events and shows. Greg is part of the Research & Development Team. 

Riley Wernquist
The Surfango Kid 
Jason Kuban
Creative Director
Jason handles much of the marketing; website maintenance, promotional advertisements, email blasts, and occasionally answers a phone.  Jason cruises the lake peacefully. 
  Rob Schueppel
Master Mechanic, Rob is an active part of the Deckjet Research & Development team. 

Bob Benson
Master Mechanic, Bob services Deckjet's craft, is one of our trusted watercraft product testers. 

Gary Brooks
Not only is Gary a Master Mechanic, but is our Chief Engineer and head of the Research & Development Team. 

Scotty Kafka
Mechanic and Test-rider.  Scotty enjoys training new riders. 

Zack Christian
Technician and Test-Rider.  Zack is a great freestyle WetBike rider. 

Kayla, Greg's daughter, and Liz Wernquist.  Liz appears in video, brochures, and test-rides. 
  Eric Stoffers, ProActive Design
Does the web site design and development for the DeckJet Watercraft web site.